Kabomo calls out TikTok for facilitating racist content material

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Musician and actor, Kabomo has taken to his Instagram web page to warn his followers concerning the well-liked video-sharing platform, “TikTok“.

Nonetheless, Kabomo who claimed the platform is “racist” mentioned there are a whole lot of unfavourable consideration surrounding TikTok recently and for a bunch of various causes.

He, due to this fact, urge black individuals to depart the platform.

He went additional to state that the social media platform is certainly underneath scrutiny.

Kabomo has gone on a TikTok boycott over the truth that the platform determined to filter Black Lives Matter motion contend.

He feels this can be a racial assault that must be famous.

When TikTok began sifting content material, peeps felt it was a type of censorship and began making it identified.

TikTok tried to cowl it up by blaming it on technical points, nevertheless, nobody was falling for it.

Kabomo defined how he sees TikTok as a racist platform not solely as a result of it sifts Black Lives Matter motion content material however as a result of it permits for racial content material to be made.

“TikTok is racist. The 2 white faculty college students who made that racist video … they did it on TikTok. Did TikTok take away it? No. However are you aware what TikTok did do? Block something with the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd on it.”

Taking to social media, Kabomo urged his black followers to ditch the platform and make it identified that what they’re doing will not be okay.

“Black individuals get off TikTok. Cease making them cash when it’s clear that they hate you.”

Kabomo went on to let his followers know that TikTok makes use of facial characteristic recognition to filter your content material. So, if you’re of color, they’ll present you what you wish to see however that doesn’t essentially imply they’re backing the trigger.